Karakter Rumah Produktif Dari Keturunan Etnis Cina di Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah

Kridarso, Etty R., Siahaan, Uras and Tobing, Rumiati R. (2015) Karakter Rumah Produktif Dari Keturunan Etnis Cina di Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah. In: Seminar Nasional Keberlanjutan Ruang Huni Masa Depan EKO-ARSITEKTUR, Is Livas, FTSP TRISAKTI.

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ndonesia is an archipelago rich of natutural resources and cultures. The resources are of interest to foreign traders, suchh as the Chinese, Europeans, and Arabics who made Indonesia as the trading ddestination. In addition to trading activities carried out by these merchants; they aalso socialized and lived for some time in Indonesia before going back to their resespective countries. That activities continued with the inter-ethnic marriages betweenn these migrants and the indigenous people, which made Indonesia as a melting-poot of ethnic Chinese, Arabic, and European descents. A good example of this is PePekalongan, a city in the North Coast of Java which has a port as good destination f ofor trading purposes since the 13 th century. Settlement areas formed in Pekalonganan are divided into areas according to ethnic inhabitants, which are known as the ChChinatown (Sampangan) and Kampung Arab (Sugihwaras). Pekalongan is also kno wown as the place of qualified and superior batik production. Batik productions ara ere part of community efforts to fullfil their financial needs which can be done in ththeir houses. Therefore, the households can be functioned as a place for living as wwell as a place for earning. The kind of this double-function house is called a prodo ductive house. This is a qualitative study in nature in which data gathered byy visual observations, visual recordings, interviews, as well as literature study. TThe result shows that the productive houses have depicted the character of ethnic c Chinese descentdents. It ishoped that the findings can be used as a reference in a analyzing the similar phenomenon.

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