Hipertensi : Patogenesis, Patofisiologi dan Komplikasinya

Mawi, Martiem (2000) Hipertensi : Patogenesis, Patofisiologi dan Komplikasinya. Majalah Ilmiah Widya, 17 (177). pp. 58-64. ISSN 0251-2800

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Hypertension, defined in simple terms, means that the blood circu­ lates through the arteries at a pres­ sure which is higher than ncrmal. Pressure in the arteries is deter­ mined by a number of factors, begin­ ning with the contraction of the heart it self , the source of the energy that makes blood circulate through the body. Hypertension is an important public health problem in all industri­ alized societies because it is so widespread and because it leads to disability and in many cases to pre­ mature death. Essential, primary, or idiopathic hypertension is arterial hypertension of unknown causing over 95 percent of all cases of arte­ rial hypertension . Secondary hyper­ tension is arterial hypertension of known cause like renal (chronic nephritis), endocrine (primary aldo­ steronism) , pregnancy-induced hy­ pertension and coarctation of the aorta. Hypertension is a major risk for heart attacks and strokes, it is impli­ cated in a variety of kidney disorders. Evidence available at present indi­ cates that diseases of the arteries and arterioles are the result of high pressure within blood vessels. The goal of antihypertensive therapy is to reduce overall cardio­ vascular risk. Antihypertensive treatment is indicated in patients with diastolic blood pressure mea­ surements of 95 mmHg or higher who are at high risk of developing cardiovascular morbidity or mor­ tality. Non pharmacologic therapies are weight reduction, alcohol res­ triction, ecercise, dietary sodium re­ striction, dietary calcium supplemen­ tation, dietary potassium supple­ mentation, smoking cessation and caffeine restriction.

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