Mengukur Keindahan Tampak Bangunan

Purnomo, Agus Budi (2007) Mengukur Keindahan Tampak Bangunan. urnal Sain Dan Teknologi Emas, 17 (2). pp. 135-146. ISSN 0853-9723

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Architecture is considered as a science that could be transmitted to future generation and also it can be transformed so it could always be in tune with the ever advancing world However, aesthetics as the most important part of Architecture is always considered as subjective with a black-box like process. The purpose of this study is to look the effectiveness of several variables that are used in other field such as Information Technology to measure and assess aesthetics. !n this paper we hypothesize that several image characteristics such as Fractal Dimension, Image Entropy and various Computer Interface Measurements (mostly derived from the study done by Ngo et. al, 2006) can be used to predict the aesthetics values of building facades. The object being measured is the digital images of 40 Building Facades. The facades were evaluated in terms of its aesthetics value by 3 Architects and 10 non¬ architects. The evaluation by the respondents is then regressed by using Stepwise method to the images characteristics mentioned above. The study shows that Entropy, Measure of Simplicity, Density and Regularity significantly explain the evaluation of the respondent on the 40 facade drawings. Aesthetics Values of the Object as it is evaluated by the respondent is positively influenced by Complexity measurements (Entropy and Measure of Density). The Aesthetics Values of the Object is negatively influenced by measurements of Order Measure of Simplicity and Measure of Regularity

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Subjects: N Fine Arts > NA Architecture
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